Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Difference Between [{Or part 1 of 1}...yet better still 2/9/15 1:43 AM Scribbles]

Now you know
About a man
  who wants and needs kick the globe around
His friend
Is better on stage or
  creatively writing poetry or something
   or somethin'
On a bar stool next to
...well...let's just say
C.W.....who has
    literally slept with goddesses and
    does NOT fool around
with liquor...he orders....the real Chicago
Irish lady who happens to be a bartender keeps
     careful tract with a maternal care that is
beer glass of Revolution is now
hopping the IPA distance
as khaki dress shirt brother of brogue
       sets up 4 apple jack shots
.....the after shot effect somehow
balances this Stagg atop ice rink sidewalks...
      and then John Lennons Lonely People is trying
my ear worm theories about difference
not a difference
difference between others
and myself

She Algebraic {or the part 2 of 1}

Writing and scribbling in imaginary devil red-so weak it's actual Florida orange. Green line avoidance of fireball with a Fisto-revolution tease taste. Next to Jaret.THE typical typical.O'Niel at the Fado. Listening to C.W. climbing towers with alpha elfs. Mr. onstage creative purity humping a elf as if swimming. Butters dux out of the rocking chair. The couple flys.The reader delves into story time as if blackmail revenge is scheduled. Ginger beer fizz flirts away as the bi-performer replays Miller walk-eeze staged rhymes. As I'm teased about my Minxy Candy Missezz! Avoiding every opportunity to read aloud. The snow fell like feather flakes. Pretty. My same repatitious  concrete city makes small town tens into maybe fours. She-algebraic.

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Ol skool

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2666 by Roberto Bolano

Across the street from the Aldermanic offices of  Danny Solis is a Mexican monument praising the bird of prey upon a snake. The snow and ice have not taken away the hand marked chalk lines still there commemorating 43. People demanding justice and newer ways of being with social media remind us all in agreement or opposition that some situations that need to change should no longer be the same. All over characters everywhere with their thoughts and actions seep into this world both real and imaginary. More often than not the human condition can be described more accurately with extra helpings of imagination. Much of this is compiled into 5 parts of 2666. Violence,sex,and death are all in this book sitting comfortably next to personality,geography,boredom, and horror. It's subject matter is  compelling at 900 or so pages. This book is better than many others.


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Bartz in Heat Wave


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