Friday, November 28, 2008

Mail Art

I think I started doing Mail Art with punk zines in the 80's. I like how Mail Art can be "very ephemeral". I also like how Mail Art has elements of surprise.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Art Fight Club?

Super Art Fight video...a lot of fun!

And then here is the finished work:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Studs Terkel, R.I.P.

Martin Jon aka Marty "El Presedente" Garcia and "Lil Guido" aka the Lovely Sarah were once in a book store and had the great writer Studs Terkel sign a book to me as a gift. It said To the Emperor of Ephemera and the story is told with great humour because everyone laughed. The book is a great book about music. Studs was and is a great guy. He may be gone physically but he is all over the place. Especially in chicago. I hope his wish is granted of his wife's and his ashes mixed all over bughouse square. This is a place where Studs has said that he learned about life, love and everything else. Manifestoes, statements, grand gestures and rants about things imagined and unimagined were proclaimed! This area changed the world. Studs wrote a lot! Studs interviewed maybe even more! Let's pretend everything you just read alone "never happened"(?) I used to exhibit some art work in this once flashy part-o-town in my somewhat form of a youth and this grand couple were walking past-listening to Studs ratle off one of his many tales.Another great thing about Studs is his admiration by many famous and infamous others who know him as a "system adjeta-ter". This gives gives "those who have some illusion of authority" some problems because it's hard to remember the great Studs without mentioning the truths he upheld that clashed with " powers at be". You could also pretend that you didn't read any of this now and still know of Studs from his T.V. interviews. Studs was a guy who worked at a crowded desk with a typewriter in the computer age. No matter how much praise is given him it is never enough.

Thank you Chicago guy,

Love Stagg 2008.