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Top 10 ROCK

1-Sonic Youth -Lee Ronaldo&the Dust,Disappearers,Body/Head,Chelsea Light Moving...all of Sonic Youths' offshoots are still going-the major no wave movement was/is defined around the year that punk broke.
2-Parliament Funkadelic-PFUNK ALL STARS-(maggot brain)the historical,political,party hall o famers
3-Negativeland-overlooked important cultural/musical deconstructavists(Church of the Subgenius overlappishisms)
4-David Bowie-Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders from Mars(a self referential rock n roll warning projection)
5-Nirvana-the change of everything
6-AC/ DC still going Back In Black
7-James Brown-FUNK Godfather Of Soul
8-$wingin' Utter$-punk without the post punk discourse
9-The CLASH-the embodiment between the past and their(our) future
10-Chuck Berry-Hail Hail Rock n Roll-1of THE architects of Rock n Roll


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La Fountinella

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it's in the cards !!

I won the world in a poker game.
The 1% owes me.
The entire planet now is mine.
All from A to Z.
Every person here and past-
And all of those to be-
Extra slow or bullet fast-
The 1% owes me.
That 1% the sorest of losers
in all of history-
Propped up 4 a fall
Cash in the chippys
At the teller
'cause now I have it all
I won the world in a poker game
A holliday 4 ALL !!
Funny no 1 told me
That now I have it all-
That I would become popular
n fame would be a wall.
In Zen silence or in ker-fuffle
the deck is stacked
the dealer shuffles!

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And being the fool

Sometimes I fool myself. We all do it in order to survive. Sometimes the question is how much of that will we take. Sometimes it is how much of that will we tolerate. Sometimes it is how much we will invest into it. The mind should not be over looked carelessly. Time is a factor. Poetry and many other art forms emphasize the role of the fool.


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It sez -I Was A Hipster...

Friday, March 06, 2015

Face of the mask less

Awhile listening to the Devils music with world blues on my screen crawls I see the albino gypsy reshuffling the decks of Buddah, Moses, Allah and Jesus. My dream manager can't remember if it was in around or next to drive-in or a movie. The ghosts of now haunt eternally from her nostalgic fashions. The decorations of the nest are for other birds. Most of us know of them yet it trinkets for the few. Speaking it's mirrored reflections like a cellebratorial news caster verbally dancing around responsibility and its receivers perceived ownership. The model effigies of religion and ethnicity perform cosmetic surgery for the shadowed somewhat hidden financially girthy felines.  Not enough grease paint and oversized shoes for this wrenching exercised clown car. Three rings of entertainment as we coddle our inner lolly pop stuffed animal heartless chest cavities feeling superior paying for the no specie big top.


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Small acrylic canvas

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Created Routes

Systems are what they are. It can be tricky depending on them or avoiding them. It can be done. It is difficult separating our dependency on/with systems. We attach our emotions,thoughts,interests, and various levels of importance to our systems.