Friday, October 31, 2014

Ziggy Stardust

STAGG is Bowie is STAGG

Thursday, October 30, 2014

How Does It See Itself ?

Many activities happen because it is the United States Of America. Our laws and social behaviors show who and what we are. The reasons why we are although often regulated to just opinion maybe growing more prominent. For every action there is a reaction. The results of America's continued insular perspective will reflect its history. 


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Countdown associations-

This world wants me doing aimless it does not want me thinking. This world wants me to give up and stop trying. Sometimes temptations are easy. Many over schedule because plans are thought of as a smoother operation to work. Schedules opposed to life create circumstances. Life can be complex,hectic,and messy. 

I've seen and heard the walking dead. I've also have been around those that are really living. The differences are extreme. It is surprising as life plays out many lazy predetermined judgements. Phases and changes touch us all. Both difficulties and easiness envelope our personalities!


Monday, October 27, 2014

The next profile is now with more to come soon!

Ethnicity and race. Some believe that we are living in a "post-racial" America. I'm not sure I agree with that. Because I think "we" can't ever agree to "what that is. " Those that continue to try to divide "us" bait the verbal social idea trapts with their labels. The results and solutions are in their questions and practices!



There is a danger in everyone getting in everyone else's business. There is a danger of everyone getting involved in everyone else's personal lives.  With the lines of audience and performers constantly being blurred those that were voyeures  are now being watched.  Questions of adult,child,and adolescence  are scattered. Money is the real issue. It is behind it all. I have been fooled by all of the distractions and find it difficult not to constantly become fooled again. We can become more than what we are "supposed to be"....ALL OF US..............!


Sunday, October 26, 2014


Just because we call our system a democracy doesn't mean it is. Just because we claim to believe in our faiths doesn't mean we act like it. Just because we deal with more information doesn't not make us wiser,smarter, or mindful. Just because we schedule more efficiently doesn't mean we are. Just because  we own objects doesn't mean we posses  them. Just because we panic doesn't mean we are vigilant. Just  because we live in a 24 hour world doesn't mean we think like it. Just because I write ,text, and dream of these thoughts does not mean I make successful habits out of these fractured reflections.


Fighting the good fight with dreams of greatness

Frustrations can snag a person into thinking a particular pattern. Patterns and habits can be broken. It may become difficult to break the continuous chain of false release but the truth and/or more positive ways of being are more productive. Machines compute with input output. People use machines more leaving old ways to history and sometimes killing off traits within the mass populace out all togeather. It can grow right and wrong. It can nurture or extinguish. It can be good or bad. Cut -throat ends justifying results dead baselines can dehumanize it all. The "undefined it" within all of these sentences are mechanical. Productivity has a cost and those that reap the rewards almost allways do not pay the expensive toll. These basics may or may not be known yet the commodified corporate world ways grind on.


Saturday, October 25, 2014


Without family & friends I wouldn't be who I am or where I am! Maybe most of us could say the same thing. Both for better and for worse. Today is now as tomorrow approaches. We act surprised if we are or not. All of this as the empires crumble. Yesterday is gone yet it does factor in EVEN THOUGH OUR NOW OF NOW tempts us into foolishly believing otherwise. Oh sweet temptation we are only human. The more we face this the better overall we will be.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Novella is a fashion booklet

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fight to stay alive internally now

Just trying to take care of my business. Got a lot of goals to knock off the wish list. Steady reminded everyday is a gift that is worth all the fight. How clearly I remember when it didn't seem so bright. Better practice better habits to increase success. Or at least a better brake to create the chance of next.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Not permanent-

I'm in a good place. I was in a worse place. I can't figure out if a better place exists?! When the temporary looks and feels like forever it is hard. Loyalty has a price and as I look around I see so very little of it. It is either dying or extinct. It could be dead for all I know.(?)-systems create it's demise. Therefore the individual acts accordingly. If we all know that it is a tuff go then a systems illusion of provision cannot sustain its desires and those that are in/and/or around it will only play for a limited time. 


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Review for inner strength

It helps to review sometimes. It could help sharpen and focus the mind. So much information can be consumed that to learn by reviewing will help solidify beliefs and thoughts. All that is done is gone. Change is upon our horizons. Ever changing situations are like the winds in constant motion. To not be fooled because of self discipline and personal focus is a achievement. The onslaught of distractions are on the increase. Attention to ones inner strength and resolve can become strong and protective as the future unfolds with increasing quickness.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Costume time of clothing change

Everyday is Halloween . Uniform or not. Overdressed or underdressed it is all out for mass consumption. The emotional connections to our threads go around in circles. Fashion is almost always top down or bottom up. Fabrics will change due to use technology and science. Style is something else completely. Imports and exports of clothing materials move around the globe as yard sales,resale shops,donation bins and garbage cans try to replay the gently worn. Our social and financial constructs will reinterpret our clothing choices. Big box and department stores will continue to offer the practical acceptance of norms. The changes will continue to come from entertainment and youth "galaxy of ideas". Our own personal ideas,attitudes,and self perceptions will be challenged by the next upcoming fashion conscious worldwide generation. It will include all shapes and sizes!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Penny for you thoughts -

Have to kinda read my way over to a book called"nickel and dimed"(to death about the diminishing American dream)...-seems rather quaint-now, we are in a time where "we" are pennied to death ! Around and around "we" go as the idea of getting rid of the penny continually comes and goes. At the least our humor of a distant dream is more prevalent then before and that could be healthy!


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Look it!

In a soon to be almost completely visual dominated world the fundamentals will prevail. Emphasis,line,shape,color,shade,form,volume and composition will continue to dominate our cultures. The eye,mind,and brain will be fed AND be hungry.The "new ways" have a traditional basis. The past and future will continue to collide. The look,style,fashion, and  visual presentation will speak louder.Image over substance isn't next-it is NOW-in a now that has never been more within our time.


Friday, October 10, 2014


Reflecting upon ALL of the struggles,loses,and victory s that have me where I am. The set-up of this worlds time is as if it is all just now in this moment could be misleading. It can be easy to forget history's importance. Balance is key!! The immediacy of now can be more relavent then the past. Yet the questions are important like whose past and from what perspective(etc.,etc.,)-if our time is now then things before are long gone and anything n everything upcoming is unknown within whatever next is. Our thinking as a group whole collective is being distorted and I find it perplexing trying to describe feelings of time challenges approaching. These thoughts will be reset.


Thursday, October 09, 2014

Suprematism's End was within the 1920's figurative artwork yet the black square funeral marked it all off-

In the future buildings will hover as if gravity is no longer needed. Professor John Miller speaks of suprematisms provocations and utopian dream forms within "architectons". In 1919 (the 3rd period of suprematism]shapes disappeared in painting for awhile within suprematisms' whites. The designer Deyan Sudjic speaks of how Kazmir Maleovich in 1924 was the 1st to push oil on canvas forward in relation to equilibrium,abstraction, and composition. Secret Knowledge is a BBC Arts and Culture segment that highlights these statements by focussing on Zaha Hadid's architecture influenced by/ within Suprematism's Kazmir Maleovich art. The movement stemmed from cubism .It's ultimate work maybe a canvas oil black square that may ask where is the end, what is the beginning,what is art ,what is painting? Color fragmentation can be translated into weightlessness in architecture. dogmas and rules seem to disappear within ideals, speculations, under a mystical art form.

We may witness actual change within our lifetime-

Inefficiency must equal profit. So many times authorities and governments all throughout mulitiple instances of my life seem to purposefully disrupt common sense tasks. The excuses of money equalling time are usually referred to. Laughable absurdities  noticed by the underpaid are kept under controll to a minimum. I know AND knew that these inefficiencies do get in the way of profit so top down solutions interrupt the systems all over again . Those that do not do not know.....those that do,do know  yet are ruled over by many superiors and/or a dishonest corporate societal system that only controls -therfore rewarding only to its benefit. Inefficient practices may have equalled profit in the past, but the winds of change move many things around. Hope shines brighter than before against these times that some depict as the darkest ever! Real profits are being ethically made efficiently. 


Sunday, October 05, 2014

Are All Financial Institutions Lawless?

Bad underwriting means record profits because if you make "a mistake" the government will bail you  and your bad underwriting out. Not only to big to fail but to big to jail. Those who were guilty are still in power so more than likely it will repeat all over again=another crisis! Use the people as a excuse for the banks. Any reform is window dressing. Political survival takes money. Disaster IS CERTAIN ! Fraud past, fraud present, fraud future. 

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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Dear corporate America...

Please stop union busting! If your work environment is "shakey enough" to have employees consider union- THEN UP YOUR GAME!!!!! -if you don't like it!!!!! Seriously consider having your workplace SO GOOD that people brag when off the clock!!! Many places believe that they are this good yet should STILL walk the talk and talk the walk. Complacency is everywhere. I fear complacency because it is very American. Etc., etc., etc.,...-


Friday, October 03, 2014

Results from a collective fracture-

Those that are subservient know that they are. Those that are leaders know that they are. The power struggle continues between those who follow and those who want and demand. In many ways that dynamic is changing because a generational shift is happening. Ideas and opinions are moving around unlike any other time before. Some take comfort in placing blame on the technology carrying such power. Others drift between the ideals of local,international,legal, and financial. Time will tell. It always does. To see the big picture when caught within such a small self made frame just maybe the ultimate goal.


Wednesday, October 01, 2014

According to some...

The "old ways" are no more -is how many think so they cut and run instead of standing n fightin'!!! Maybe they are tiered of fighting?-or-they have become delusional and lazy(?!) either way...they are going. With them going/left/and leaving things change! Already I've read descriptions of exact places and locations severely stretched into no matter where so n so goes they will always be and act as from here. It's a cute sentiment yet I don't believe it.our surroundings have a large effect upon us both blatantly and subliminally. It becomes difficult for me as I believe that I act , think, and be because I am my surrounding of home  as it is of me. I take it good and bad within my body, mind, brain,& soul. Even after all the changes within my surroundings and within me. It could luck to my favor-more for me!