Wednesday, October 01, 2014

According to some...

The "old ways" are no more -is how many think so they cut and run instead of standing n fightin'!!! Maybe they are tiered of fighting?-or-they have become delusional and lazy(?!) either way...they are going. With them going/left/and leaving things change! Already I've read descriptions of exact places and locations severely stretched into no matter where so n so goes they will always be and act as from here. It's a cute sentiment yet I don't believe it.our surroundings have a large effect upon us both blatantly and subliminally. It becomes difficult for me as I believe that I act , think, and be because I am my surrounding of home  as it is of me. I take it good and bad within my body, mind, brain,& soul. Even after all the changes within my surroundings and within me. It could luck to my favor-more for me!



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