Saturday, July 30, 2016

13 Now/Future/2-morrows

Now/2-morrow/Future can't sleep because of the neighborhood gunshots.
Now/Future/2-morrow knows that the promises of the next needed to be a reality yesterday.
Now/2-morrow/Future is highly aware of the importance of form.
Now/Future/2-morrow realizes that it can all be due to a frame of reference.
Now/2-morrow/Future needs to embrace the power within silence more.
Now/Future/2-morrow should act and think strategically for a larger impact.
Now/2-morrow/Future knows that the results will occur due to the increased collision of the worldwide and the local.
Now/Future/2-morrow has witnessed the many not fortifying their minds and self destructing at a quicker rate.
Now/2-morrow/Future has learned with age that the intent comes across eventually.
Now/Future/2-morrow repeatedly views the reactions that result from actions (due to the fact of every action results in reaction).              
Now/2-morrow/Future is busying itself in order to project beyond the contemporary of the present and further out into the next.
Now/Future/2-morrow grows suspicious of numerical labels.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Money Usually Follows Art -

That which is creative sometimes will be made by its maker regardless of a audience or financial gain. Many ideas and concepts are shared. Art was around before money and sometimes creates money but usually money follows art. Value is a status that needs approval. Authentication should be more fact and scientifically based. I have learned that fashion is popular now and looks dated later. Fashion usually comes from a top down or bottom up heiarchy. Art is usually not as popular amongst its contemporary audiences. Art is usually semi dated and has a focus on the next as if it is within itself. Art can be risky. Art can be politically dangerous. Art and its perceptions have form and therefore can create socially and culturally "newish" forms. Repetition is sought after because it can be normally associated with comfort.

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