Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sweet Home CHICAGO

Lucky to be alive

Entire back wheel fell off at exit 192 on 94 back towards Chicago. "Now at" Moe's Auto and Tire at the corner of Goddard and Wayne. Extra special thanks to Candy's phone skills for Allstate's help as well as MDOT(along with a few locals offering help)!! I'm shaken up and am thankful for no collisions etc.,etc.,etc.,,,...--.-


Heavy filtered tech blend of a few paintings

Thursday, July 24, 2014




Friday, July 11, 2014

Untitled thoughts approaching a rant!

Ideas are out there. Maybe they always are. It could be that they always were.Systems are eating away at senses of time. Trying to control past ideas of what used to be.Attempting to dominate the now with scheduled ideas about the future.Systems want and need the same.The same does not exist anymore.Everything has been and will be changeing.All of the old ways of power are not going quietly.The hanging on of what was out of survival and fears has a death clinch that will take longer than we can tolerate before it lets go.Power thinks about senses of place geographically.Power watches all places politically knowing and speculating desired results. It still seems that the mold hasn't been broken and the same template remains. A force rises amongst the forces and threatens change. Then that force monopolizes its place diffusing all that is approaching next. Always forgetting its past and usually minimizing risks.


Monday, July 07, 2014

Multiverse As A Bathtub

Dinosaurs ruled the earth 
That was yesterday
The Biggest bang of the multiverse
Was a little before that day
Then came humans upon the scene
With evolution and such
Today tomorrow perhaps to dream
Almost within our touch
Spirits within everything
All abouts the air
Global warning on a string
Clogging drains like hair


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lake Michigan Projects 1&2

Others make sand castles. Hudson and Grandpa Stagg work on projects. After a lot of digging in the sand Lake Michigan water from the purple sand pail is applied to all of the ramp ways ,holes, and other formations that can and will be "bulldozed or wrecked" on any given whim.That was project 1...project 2 was a hole a lot closer to the sandy edge of waves area surrounded by a bug house and a magic stick burial spot marked with seagull feathers. Very busy.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Should be titled as the song you don't own me plays in the background all jazzy sexy romantically like !!

She leaves she left she leaves a trail of destruction larger than the human carbon footprint upon this earths face.   This trail of destruction has more damage than 4 wildfires containing more mystery than 3 tornadoes 2 earthquakes & 1 contagious epidemic.  The damage is done when she leaves.  All of that is just a small description of the broken hearts she leaves behind... she left... GONE... - gone but not forgotten her gestures are forever lazer scorched in my mind - deeper than surrealistic whale shits in the ocean - deep - deep within my brain and now yours .I'm lucky to have gotten close..i'm lucky to have been around those explosions in those city  scape skys. She is/was/ will be fatal. Others more foolish with LOVE could loose limbs and maybe live.  Those who want to flirt with the great here after will try to be THE significant other.  Their time  their energy  their soul  &  maybe their life WILL REST in pieces as she leaves.{ the preceding semi-description should be titled-as the song-you don't own me plays in the background all jazzy sexy romantically like  }.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The grand gestural exit {0f K.B.=Ka-Boom}

A pretty little powerhouse unplugs the power cord. Angels on the runway soon takeoff then to soar.Way up in the off the ground with levitation wings.Music and noise all around Red devils blues n' screams.Another time around n' round if you care or not.The worlds a stage we play our parts and improvise a lot! Sometimes we finish in one take. To get there set your mind a drift the authentic and the fake. Hangover morning pounding migraine your income spent in bars.The birds do sing the bell it rings,bloodshot eyes see stars.The cocaine habit was a cheap thrill until the white horse went a racing.Now booger sugar is a hill as you keep self erasing.How many times the deamons dice will you roll with the devil?That's your soul and your entire life important at every level.Quick and cheap, fast n' loose,yesterday, today.Stick'em deep, hanging noose, violence is grave.Cutting corners constantly until you get caught. Everything and everyone can and will be bought.