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At The Mutiny in Chicago

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Chicago As A Monopoly Board

A vibrant music scene is healthy for a city. Chicago is known for all types of culture. Time marches on and waits for no one. Music keeps changing and moving as it should.
There are many places within the city limits to see and hear all types of music. Many of these places are being bought and sold. Entertainment is a tricky business. The aging music consumer is affecting the equations of all live music experiences. Technology,the corporate world market, and fickle styles of fashion are accelerating culture. Liscencing, taxes, and venue locations are waiting to change after the reshuffling of politics, banking, and real estate. The live music scene in Chicago has allways been dizzying in great and disappointing ways. Like a board game the money of/in/and for musical  entertainment will again appear to be separate and independent  yet it's reality has never been so unified!


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Coaster series

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Heart Of Chicago

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The Unusual

Where are we now?
What does it mean?
How do we change?
Who were we?
When will the same change happen?
Why is a continuous revealer-


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Inside our Chicago eyes
Doesn't  make the grade
Windy City outfit to size
Custom tailor made
Unfair thee well
Rham called el mayor


Stephen T. Asma

On Monsters an Unnatural History Of Our Worst Fears-At the Leroy Nieman Center from The Loop's amalgamation between Columbia College n The School Of The Art Institute -("just happened") Occured a great talk/lecture/display. I learned about Blemmyes that were monsters of no head and chest faces. Many older groups had no idea of extinction(a idea I love a lot). Cyclops may have been formed from mastodon skulls with the trunk/nose placement. My notes also suggest proceratops equal to a griffon. The morph of Medevil and biological. St.Christopher and the dogs head beings. Credulity problem equal to what is a legit animal.Ambroise Pare(1510-1590). More quick notes include monsters via moral vs. science. Education vs. superstition. Materialism vs. reductionism. Monsters=a lack of control as symbols. Beginnings of freak show vs. museum. Cryptozoology. Fiji Mermaid monkey large fish.Pschcological monsters Dali Freud.Post Darwin-"we as prey"(Geiger) Biological Natural History.Vulnerability-splatter(Tx. Chainsaw Massacre)=Vietnam ....(saw/hostil)vulnerability=torture porn...tragedy,detachment,cleanse,repeat NO anxiety NO fear-destination=geography Of Fear=Localized traditions of "animizum" negotiating with the spirit worlds"monsters do cultural work" application of order(heiarchy) sanctioned anonimity(mind set) LADY GA GA Monsters-name of fan club



At 4 2 day imah check out a Columbia college/Art Institute lecture thangy about fear. So many symbols and stories of our human collective of the past as well as our current contemporary now. It all makes me think of the rockin' Lenny Kravitz tune-livin' in fear.


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