Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Stephen T. Asma

On Monsters an Unnatural History Of Our Worst Fears-At the Leroy Nieman Center from The Loop's amalgamation between Columbia College n The School Of The Art Institute -("just happened") Occured a great talk/lecture/display. I learned about Blemmyes that were monsters of no head and chest faces. Many older groups had no idea of extinction(a idea I love a lot). Cyclops may have been formed from mastodon skulls with the trunk/nose placement. My notes also suggest proceratops equal to a griffon. The morph of Medevil and biological. St.Christopher and the dogs head beings. Credulity problem equal to what is a legit animal.Ambroise Pare(1510-1590). More quick notes include monsters via moral vs. science. Education vs. superstition. Materialism vs. reductionism. Monsters=a lack of control as symbols. Beginnings of freak show vs. museum. Cryptozoology. Fiji Mermaid monkey large fish.Pschcological monsters Dali Freud.Post Darwin-"we as prey"(Geiger) Biological Natural History.Vulnerability-splatter(Tx. Chainsaw Massacre)=Vietnam ....(saw/hostil)vulnerability=torture porn...tragedy,detachment,cleanse,repeat NO anxiety NO fear-destination=geography Of Fear=Localized traditions of "animizum" negotiating with the spirit worlds"monsters do cultural work" application of order(heiarchy) sanctioned anonimity(mind set) LADY GA GA Monsters-name of fan club



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