Saturday, January 31, 2015

Haitian Ciggy Butz

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David Bowie

I learned about a overlooked phase . Mod.-a few weeks ago a excellent D.J. for Chicago's own Wax On Wax Off for vinyl addixs only played a full mod set. I was surprised to hear a few David Bowie songs. I forgot that he used to dye his hair and taper his pants strictly in/for Mod esthetic exactness. it's always good to know something and learn about memory in style. Fashion and culture can have very severe rules. The sounds remind us that the Mod world is more vibrant than just scooters and clothes. Many phases come and go. Some style is deep enough to become classic,


Yoga elephant

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Jazz n Blues Record Mart


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Must make a painting of this!


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At The MUTINY on Western Ave. in CHICAGO

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EBay contemporary art for $ale by STAGG

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Painting stuff

eBay contemporary paintings for $ale by Stagg!!!

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