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Thoughts After Video Of Richard Prince

Watched a vice video and a few gallery art online pieces about the contemporary fine artist Richard Prince. I'm semi familiar with his joke paintings and still really like his paperback novel cover paintings. I learned that he was the "social target" of media after printing photos in a modern style referencing portraiture off of computers. He works in many types of media . He references the recent past in a new way that is viewed as obvious in his continuation series. His works are comprehensive and seem to be tricky to speak and/or write about them/it. 


Outdoor Soup Kitchen

 Here are some of the things people at Candy's work (Old Town School of Folk Music) donated to give to the people living outside in Tent City. Sewing kits, socks, nail clippers, hand sanitizers, combs, awesome! A few of us met up at The Buddhist Temple of Chicago and used the great kitchen to make some Pumpkin soup! We borrowed a camp stove and a folding camp table to serve hot soup outside.

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