Thursday, May 31, 2012

2 New Orleans Paintings

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kinda Like Poetry Part 2

8 ft. deep Inhalent business Charade Sham Specktacle necklaces Goth limp Liquid bean Prop way Under the Breath mint Vintage bustline Java slurpist Urban longboard Curb driver Blotchy clock Face askewed Right stepper High heeled Flaps dual Ear jewelry Dirty atmospheric Extinct mass Shuttle eyeball Corner keeper Forgotten epiphany Gestural lip Licker slack Useless venomist Hot liquid Guzzler male Eyeball enticer Feminine cliche Grey business Pants crease Money make'n Treason conspiritors Fashion prostitute Security canine Edible florescent Vest tech. Emergency enterence Poem practitioner Close the Watching doors Kiss lips Mouth formation Liquid brick Illusion repealed Pornographic odor Silent visual Sound volume Ethnic cosmic Taste financial Sensual impotent Feeling

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The B.B. King Reader

Richard Kostelanetz's 6 Decades of Commentary about America's living national musical treasure is a good book. Much of the information within it is talked about, reviewed, and commented on from a few different perspectives. This book helped remind me that "we" are "here" due to our "recent past". Sometimes reading about music is like dancing about architecture...and other times it's great to have a mind dance while reading about music n' it's effect on life !!!!! LONG LIVE THE BLUES !!!!!! Riley "Blues Boy" King !!!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Kinda "Like" Poetry

Shifty Eyes Faded Highlight Of Yellow/Green n' Black Sneakers Verbal Huff Confident Gait Pro baseball league Cap Peri"fur"all Reflection Master Mono Black Crow-matic Lead With The Chin Music Chicago's 2012 The Global Crossroads = Clout City 20 Sumptin' pre teen Flat Earth Crucifix Alley Path Yawn Ornament Slurp Creator Inferiority Feeling Superiority Complex Pen-pipe Sucker Conversational Cell Phone Pause Cadmium Kin's Brim {aka- Red Buttons Brother} Alamo Return Banana Handler Reflection Collector Memory Thief Grease My Folicles Accelerated Nostalgia Waddle Walker Confident Apprehension Flaw Magnifier Financial Footwear