Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Kinda "Like" Poetry

Shifty Eyes Faded Highlight Of Yellow/Green n' Black Sneakers Verbal Huff Confident Gait Pro baseball league Cap Peri"fur"all Reflection Master Mono Black Crow-matic Lead With The Chin Music Chicago's 2012 The Global Crossroads = Clout City 20 Sumptin' pre teen Flat Earth Crucifix Alley Path Yawn Ornament Slurp Creator Inferiority Feeling Superiority Complex Pen-pipe Sucker Conversational Cell Phone Pause Cadmium Kin's Brim {aka- Red Buttons Brother} Alamo Return Banana Handler Reflection Collector Memory Thief Grease My Folicles Accelerated Nostalgia Waddle Walker Confident Apprehension Flaw Magnifier Financial Footwear


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