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Chicago OGs

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Stepping or step-dancing is a form of percussive dance in which the participant's entire body is used as an instrument to produce complex rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken word, and hand claps. Though stepping may be performed by an individual, it is generally performed by groups of three or more, often in arrangements that resemble military formations.
Stepping may also draw from elements of gymnastics, tap dance, march, or African and Caribbean dance, or include semi-dangerous stunts as a part of individual routines. Some forms of stepping include the use of props, such as canes, rhythm sticks and/or fire and blindfolds.
The tradition of African American stepping is rooted within the competitive schoolyard song and dance rituals practiced by historically African American fraternities and sororities, beginning in the mid-1900s

Monday, January 25, 2010

Stephan Yerkey

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Wall O' Cereal

Candy and I love Glenn's Diner right down the street from us. Good steak and lots of seafood.

Huge box of cereal.

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More Stuff

Son Seal Song

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Thanks Marty

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Pay The Price

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Art Ensemble Of Chicago

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Chicago's Poverty-This Ain't New

Very good video of Brian Schodorf if you be patient through the ads...

"This film is an exploration of how the drug afflicted homeless population affects society as a whole with exclusive interviews with Chicago's top social and political leaders. Schodorf's relationship with the men allows the viewer to get a true inside look at what life is like as a permanent resident of the streets. Poverty in Chicago, also, investigates the devestating loss of over 150 lives in the winter of 2006 at the hand of a deadly heroin epidemic. "Ive told you. Now, I'm going to show you," says one homeless man who leads the crew through the most crime infested areas of Chicago's south and west sides, inside the drug trade itself"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

An Artist Friend Survives Haiti

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Susan Frame, an artist and employee of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago went to Jacmel, Haiti a week ago. Sadfly, Sue's friend who she went to work with on an art project last week...did not survive the earthquake.

The Outsider

My friend Danny Mansmith is featured on page 59 of Modern Luxury magazine!!!!

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Hustler's Video Paradise

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Studs Turkel Interview

Roiko at The Billy Goat

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Danny Mansmith

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Ed Paschke