Thursday, October 09, 2014

We may witness actual change within our lifetime-

Inefficiency must equal profit. So many times authorities and governments all throughout mulitiple instances of my life seem to purposefully disrupt common sense tasks. The excuses of money equalling time are usually referred to. Laughable absurdities  noticed by the underpaid are kept under controll to a minimum. I know AND knew that these inefficiencies do get in the way of profit so top down solutions interrupt the systems all over again . Those that do not do not know.....those that do,do know  yet are ruled over by many superiors and/or a dishonest corporate societal system that only controls -therfore rewarding only to its benefit. Inefficient practices may have equalled profit in the past, but the winds of change move many things around. Hope shines brighter than before against these times that some depict as the darkest ever! Real profits are being ethically made efficiently. 



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