Thursday, October 09, 2014

Suprematism's End was within the 1920's figurative artwork yet the black square funeral marked it all off-

In the future buildings will hover as if gravity is no longer needed. Professor John Miller speaks of suprematisms provocations and utopian dream forms within "architectons". In 1919 (the 3rd period of suprematism]shapes disappeared in painting for awhile within suprematisms' whites. The designer Deyan Sudjic speaks of how Kazmir Maleovich in 1924 was the 1st to push oil on canvas forward in relation to equilibrium,abstraction, and composition. Secret Knowledge is a BBC Arts and Culture segment that highlights these statements by focussing on Zaha Hadid's architecture influenced by/ within Suprematism's Kazmir Maleovich art. The movement stemmed from cubism .It's ultimate work maybe a canvas oil black square that may ask where is the end, what is the beginning,what is art ,what is painting? Color fragmentation can be translated into weightlessness in architecture. dogmas and rules seem to disappear within ideals, speculations, under a mystical art form.


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