Monday, March 16, 2015

it's in the cards !!

I won the world in a poker game.
The 1% owes me.
The entire planet now is mine.
All from A to Z.
Every person here and past-
And all of those to be-
Extra slow or bullet fast-
The 1% owes me.
That 1% the sorest of losers
in all of history-
Propped up 4 a fall
Cash in the chippys
At the teller
'cause now I have it all
I won the world in a poker game
A holliday 4 ALL !!
Funny no 1 told me
That now I have it all-
That I would become popular
n fame would be a wall.
In Zen silence or in ker-fuffle
the deck is stacked
the dealer shuffles!


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