Monday, February 09, 2015

2666 by Roberto Bolano

Across the street from the Aldermanic offices of  Danny Solis is a Mexican monument praising the bird of prey upon a snake. The snow and ice have not taken away the hand marked chalk lines still there commemorating 43. People demanding justice and newer ways of being with social media remind us all in agreement or opposition that some situations that need to change should no longer be the same. All over characters everywhere with their thoughts and actions seep into this world both real and imaginary. More often than not the human condition can be described more accurately with extra helpings of imagination. Much of this is compiled into 5 parts of 2666. Violence,sex,and death are all in this book sitting comfortably next to personality,geography,boredom, and horror. It's subject matter is  compelling at 900 or so pages. This book is better than many others.



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