Thursday, February 26, 2015

She Algebraic {or the part 2 of 1}

Writing and scribbling in imaginary devil red-so weak it's actual Florida orange. Green line avoidance of fireball with a Fisto-revolution tease taste. Next to Jaret.THE typical typical.O'Niel at the Fado. Listening to C.W. climbing towers with alpha elfs. Mr. onstage creative purity humping a elf as if swimming. Butters dux out of the rocking chair. The couple flys.The reader delves into story time as if blackmail revenge is scheduled. Ginger beer fizz flirts away as the bi-performer replays Miller walk-eeze staged rhymes. As I'm teased about my Minxy Candy Missezz! Avoiding every opportunity to read aloud. The snow fell like feather flakes. Pretty. My same repatitious  concrete city makes small town tens into maybe fours. She-algebraic.


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