Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Difference Between [{Or part 1 of 1}...yet better still 2/9/15 1:43 AM Scribbles]

Now you know
About a man
  who wants and needs kick the globe around
His friend
Is better on stage or
  creatively writing poetry or something
   or somethin'
On a bar stool next to
...well...let's just say
C.W.....who has
    literally slept with goddesses and
    does NOT fool around
with liquor...he orders....the real Chicago
Irish lady who happens to be a bartender keeps
     careful tract with a maternal care that is
beer glass of Revolution is now
hopping the IPA distance
as khaki dress shirt brother of brogue
       sets up 4 apple jack shots
.....the after shot effect somehow
balances this Stagg atop ice rink sidewalks...
      and then John Lennons Lonely People is trying
my ear worm theories about difference
not a difference
difference between others
and myself


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