Friday, July 11, 2014

Untitled thoughts approaching a rant!

Ideas are out there. Maybe they always are. It could be that they always were.Systems are eating away at senses of time. Trying to control past ideas of what used to be.Attempting to dominate the now with scheduled ideas about the future.Systems want and need the same.The same does not exist anymore.Everything has been and will be changeing.All of the old ways of power are not going quietly.The hanging on of what was out of survival and fears has a death clinch that will take longer than we can tolerate before it lets go.Power thinks about senses of place geographically.Power watches all places politically knowing and speculating desired results. It still seems that the mold hasn't been broken and the same template remains. A force rises amongst the forces and threatens change. Then that force monopolizes its place diffusing all that is approaching next. Always forgetting its past and usually minimizing risks.



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