Friday, June 20, 2014

The grand gestural exit {0f K.B.=Ka-Boom}

A pretty little powerhouse unplugs the power cord. Angels on the runway soon takeoff then to soar.Way up in the off the ground with levitation wings.Music and noise all around Red devils blues n' screams.Another time around n' round if you care or not.The worlds a stage we play our parts and improvise a lot! Sometimes we finish in one take. To get there set your mind a drift the authentic and the fake. Hangover morning pounding migraine your income spent in bars.The birds do sing the bell it rings,bloodshot eyes see stars.The cocaine habit was a cheap thrill until the white horse went a racing.Now booger sugar is a hill as you keep self erasing.How many times the deamons dice will you roll with the devil?That's your soul and your entire life important at every level.Quick and cheap, fast n' loose,yesterday, today.Stick'em deep, hanging noose, violence is grave.Cutting corners constantly until you get caught. Everything and everyone can and will be bought.


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