Monday, June 09, 2014

Prelude to my not so fine financials.

Stop time tap dancing on our last collective nerves. Waiting for edgy battle worn heroes with a dark side cause 'cause that's how they do that now. Waiting,killing time in our day dreams all over again-waiting longer all bored-waiting all distracted-waiting even longer-still waiting for a hero.As the temptation grows too great to mind her own business...she peeks over my shoulder to look at what is being scribbled down. Just as prevelant. As prevelant as the all covering in effectiveness  of the past American-now complete corporate-political systems non representation of the too many have nots. Hotter than the Latina parade show queen of the pink line - all good looks from good genes squeezed too tight in her good jeans. As I mentioned her mom - peeking over my shoulder giving into the temptation of my hand scribbles in a notebook - how quaint - how retro - how historic - not the content but the delivery - after all I do soak up the attention - face it - if not - I'd be texting in the note apps section of my phone reconfiguring my mask face with many expressions much like all the rest of the public. Much like all the rest o the public - that other public that is allways in transit  - being more than life - being just along for the ride - just being -smoking liquor cigarettes,drinking lotto milk,amongst pop snacks all in the fluorescent cathedral labeled gas station.



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