Tuesday, January 01, 2013

end 2 begin-ing

185 days ago I thought Flashlights music was profound.
185 days ago I thought Fidlar music was entertaining.
178 days ago Margarita-karate was a title for ...rings n things for more bling.
174 days ago "String-Cheese" taught us all about hikes at Sag trails in Paulo's park.
173 days ago Hired my way dot com was/is going to save the multiverse.
128 days ago Alignment sounded important, Carolina post miner was to be looked up, Luminosity dot
                       com seemed interesting and Soon 2B looked great in my minds eye as a real estate sign.
50 days ago Zack Ferl forbidden andelzz seemed revolutionary.
38 days ago Chicago awoke to the custom frame shop founderefurnishings.
31 days ago The Plymouth Rooftop bar in Chicago looked like a hot date center to take Minxy 2
                     ...after double u 3 times Skills for Chicagolands future dot com would save the multiverse.
7 days ago John Miller studio looked very important and BET's Jan.15th Real House Husbands Of
                  Hollywood looked n sounded like a comedy to save all.
now???????what iz now??????


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