Monday, November 30, 2009

Milwaukee Art Museum

We went to the Art Gallery of Milwaukee with our friends Tricia and Andy this past long weekend. The MAM was having a show on Andy Warhol's last decade of art work before he died in 1987. The gallery also has four floors of it's main collection which is very good set of works. The Warhol exhibit had paintings from the 1980's plus some screen tests WArhol made with many superstars for his movies. Some of these actor's screen tests included Edie Sedgewick, Lou Reed, Dennis Hopper, Marcel Duchamp and Nico. I loved the old t.v.'ss howing the screen tests. Candy pointed out to me that good 'ol Marcel Duchamp was on one of the screen test intros. The Andy Warhol special exhibit was great. It showed how he hand manipulated more of his work towards the end of his life due to collaborations with Basquit, Clemente and Polke!!!! The sail/wing motif on the roof of the building is world-class architecture. Recently I learned a theory that all architecture is just like frozen music in building form. If that is true (?) this building is one great song. M'wukee won my heart over with it's baars/clubs/eater-eez and hangouts. This trip busted my beer bubble. I tried all kinds of microbrews and other sudzeez. Oh yeah! before I forget-the folk art display section of MAM is tops as well. I'm still recovering from my turkey coma!! I got to "chill-ax" like a rock star so peace out.


Blogger Four Dinners said...

Dunno about the art but that is one incredible looking building!!!

(and that comes from a traditionalist who reckons most modern buildings are 'monstrous carbuncles....Prince Charley is the MAN!)....;-)

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