Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dear Lori Waxman (the great Tribune special contributor & lecturer at the School of the Art Institute)

I agree almost completely with your visual arts-entertainment section 4 Thursday June 11th,2015 continued to page 3 article Deep As A Canyon, Shallow As A Puddle article about Charles Ray:Sculpture, 1997-2014.It's a shame that limited printing space in the actual newspaper has you rush to such a cut-to-the-chase conclusion that "Artists have long tried to one-up nature, but painted grapes, no matter how realistically depicted,will never really get a peck from a bird,whatever ancient Roman authors may have to say about it. I,however,would crawl inside Hinoki and rest given half a chance-if not the real oak fallen in the field."
You like Hinoki-and I like the precise duplication in dull grey fiberglass of a wrecked Pontiac Grand Am. You like what you like as I like what I like,and we all like what we like. I know for a fact that performers in the near future will sleep/rest/nap in the Hinoki sculpture because nothing should stop you from doing that &/or sleep/rest/ nap inside a actual natural fallen Californian tree. I know this because I have watched bugs and nature interact directly with my own paintings. This isn't"one-up-man ship."If you see it as addition and inclusion your ideas concerning"whatever ancient Roman authors may have to say about it becomes 100% false. The secret is nature will overtake! This is why I absolutely love your article about Charles Ray and can only find partial fault due to the abrupt cut conclusions of limited published space. Proportion,scale,and weight are in strength n' beauty in sculpture and everything else-additionally including sculpture n' everything else.



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