Monday, November 03, 2014

Political corporate commercialism-

It's election time again. Some are exhausted with all forms of politics. If its voting time or not the multiverse of money keeps orbiting its gravitational pull both in life and death. Money in all seasons. Money all year. Politics is in everything like it or not. Politics is in race. Politics is in religion. Politics is in age. Politics is in clothes. Politics is in transportation. Politics is in food. Politics is in technology. Education and everything over and over ad nauseau. News was just entertainment. Now it's just advertisements. What does that amount to? Money in diversion. Soon their maybe money where there is none. Think about it. Money follows money. It takes money to make money.  Soon it will have nowhere to go. Money will be forced to go to the most desolate places to conquer. Financial wars have been waged. Emphasis on the word wage! Money is a limited concept. It will change. Emphasis on change.



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